Storage + Function

The homeowners loved their Burnaby location, so they upgraded instead of moving. The Spaces team went for a neutral grey vibe, warm hardwood floors, and funky quartz counters. The kitchen got a major redo, an L-shaped layout with an 8’ island, and veined white quartz countertop making an entrance through balcony doors. They also added cable-mounted pendant lights for a cool glow. 

Tech upgrade alert: new appliances, an induction cooktop, and a recycling and compost center to keep it green.

The Living Room received a fresh coat of white paint and new wood and tile flooring throughout The fireplace was swapped out for a sleek and smooth modern white and grey look.

The couple wanted the illusion of more space, so they switched out spindles for structural glass on the stairs. The bathroom got a modern facelift, ditching the ’80s tub for a sleek hexagon tiled shower. The vanity was replaced with a sleek grey and graphic marble countertop. Evening strolls are now safer with motion sensor lights, heated floor tiles, and quiet fans for maximum coziness.