Kitchen with green and white island, modern design
Stylish kitchen island featuring book shelf and coffee table

Revamped Retreat

Nestled in the scenic charm of Port Moody, our latest project is all about turning back the clock on a tired 1970s home and giving it a modern makeover fit for today’s homeowners.

Before we rolled up our sleeves, this place was stuck in a time warp, with a vibe that screamed “yesterday’s news.” Our mission? To bring it into the 21st century with style and flair. First up: the kitchen. We wanted to expand it, make it more functional, and toss in some snazzy storage solutions. Oh, and let’s not forget about sprucing up the laundry area and creating a mudroom that says “welcome home.”

We got down to business, shuffling walls and relocating mechanical systems to give the layout a much-needed boost. And while we were at it, we didn’t skimp on the details—we’re talking about updating the ensuite, jazzing up storage options, and giving the exterior a fresh coat of paint with some fancy stone features to boot.

Fast forward to the grand reveal, and voilà! Our renovation project has worked its magic, turning this outdated dwelling into a place that’s not just a house but a home—one that’s bursting with character and charm. With every nook and cranny thoughtfully considered, from the funky wallpapers to the industrial-chic rec room, this space is now a true reflection of its owners’ personalities. It’s not just a renovation; it’s a transformation, and we couldn’t be prouder of the end result.

Sleek kitchen design featuring white cabinets and stainless steel oven.