Modern kitchen with center island and stainless steel appliances.
A kitchen with a pull out spice rack: a convenient storage solution for spices and seasonings.

Coastal Timber

Welcome to Burnaby, where this project took a dull space and turned it into something truly special. We rolled up our sleeves and got down to business, knocking down walls and reimagining the floorplan to make the kitchen area open and inviting. Say goodbye to that old spice kitchen—it’s gone!

Our main goal? To make sure our client, who’s visually challenged, could navigate the space with ease. We put a ton of thought into picking materials that not only looked good but also made things easier to see. Plus, we had to figure out storage for our client’s son’s crafts and activities—no small feat!

But hey, we love a challenge. We came up with some super innovative storage solutions that keep everything neat and tidy. No more clutter—just a space that works for the whole family.

And let’s talk style. We went for a mix of natural oak and painted cabinets to give the kitchen a cozy, welcoming vibe. The darker quartz counter adds a bit of class, while the light splash with its fancy detailing keeps things feeling elegant and timeless.

In the end, this project wasn’t just about making a kitchen look pretty—it was about making it work for the people who live there.

A cozy kitchen with a wooden island and cabinets. Perfect for cooking and gathering with friends and family.