A kitchen with blue cabinets and a white counter top.

Sky Blue Style

Step into the revamped kitchen located in Surrey,  and get ready for an amazing upgrade! We tore down walls, reconfigured the space said goodbye to the old pantry, and basically gave the place a fresh start. Now, it’s a whole space with bright and classy finishes.

First things first, we went for this crisp white vibe on the walls. It just opens up the whole space, you know? Then, those light blue shaker cabinets? Total game-changer. They bring this calming, beachy feel to the room that’s just so inviting.The island steals the show, though. Made of this light wood that adds a natural touch, and topped with sleek white marble—it’s a dream. Perfect for prep work or just hanging out with friends while you cook.We jazzed up the backsplash with these cool, elongated white tiles. Adds a bit of texture without stealing the spotlight from everything else.

And the appliances? All shiny and new, and perfectly integrated into the space. We didnt stop there we carried through the light and casual feeling all the way to the new flooring. Wide plank,was the way to go, keeping it casual yet classy through the whole space! 

But the real magic? Storage galore. By closing up that door and shifting the footprint of the kitchen and ditching the old pantry, we freed up so much space. And the island? It’s not just for chopping veggies—it’s got storage too. Best part? There’s seating for four at the island, so it’s not just a kitchen—it’s a hangout spot. Whether it’s brunch with friends or a quick snack after work, this kitchen is now the heart of the home.

Overall, the vibe is casual, cozy, and oh-so-inviting. It’s bright and cheery yet classic and timeless. This is now the hub of the home and the perfect place to gather.

A kitchen with blue cabinets and a white counter top.